A Real Mosaic Condo: The Secret Art of Westbury Gardens

What delights await you in this Westbury Gardens condo? The video choreographs the entrance sequence beautifully.

Under the romantic entry arch, through the peaceful courtyard, past the double doors, up the stairs . . . what’s next?


How about: the waterfall in the Living Room, the beach in the Dining Room, the peacock in the Bedroom? And then: that mosaic.

A 1-bedroom, 1-bath condo right across from what remains of Westbury Square. Asking $49,400. The story in stills:

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  • My sister painted a few murals in her house several years ago (ones that I really liked) but had the good sense to paint over them before they put the house up for sale.

  • This one gets a “bless your heart” award. All that hard work mosaic-ing and mural-ing and all she’ll get in return is sarcastic snickering. Dontcha think some (other) kook will snatch this one up for under $50K?

  • I’m not wild about the murals, but I would feel too bad about painting over them. I hope someone who truly loves them finds the apartment. I looked at a house once that had *just* been renovated with a country-blue-with-ducks kitchen and bath. Beautiful workmanship, but I absolutely despise that style. I passed. I hope someone who adored the ducks bought it. I’m picky yet sentimental, I suppose.

  • I think they used every transition available in Windows Movie Maker…

  • With the Nutcracker as soundtrack, yet. This is actually rather charming, and the cheeriest treatment of those old Arboles condos that I’ve ever seen.

  • I could not watch the entire video; that would be torture for a minimalist, akin to water boarding.

  • Lord love a duck!