A Small One on Smallwood Southeast of Eastwood

Two years ago, a previous version of this 3-bedroom, 2-bath house dating back to 1940 was sold for $45,675. Near Lawndale and S. 75th St. in Mason Park, it’s within walking distance of a hike and bike on Brays Bayou — as well as a Family Dollar, a food truck that sells pupusas, and several payday and title loan stores. This new version of 1212 Smallwood went on the market earlier this year at $171,500.


It looks like the partially shaded front porch has a trap door above the welcome mat, perfect for surprising guests and equally invaluable on Halloween. Once you’re make it through to the inside, of course, things become much more predictable:

The one-story house is about 1,225 sq. ft. This living room with restored original hardwood looks out onto Smallwood. Measuring 17 ft. by 13 ft., it opens up to the hallway toward the 3 bedrooms (to the left, in the photo directly above) and the tiled dining room and kitchen:

And what’s through that door? The front yard. It links the street to the kitchen. And it could serve as an emergency exit during a grease fire. Just tell the kids: Meet by the pavers.

But let’s stay inside and go back to where we started. The living room leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms:

That bathroom serves the main bedroom, which measures 13 ft. by 12 ft.:

Back down the hall are the smaller bedrooms; this one measures 13 ft. by 9 ft.:

This one, with a window to the backyard, measures 10 ft. by 11 ft.:

And the smaller two bedrooms share this bath:

With a shower stall that allocates for each room a single separate soap cubby:

Coming back through the living room toward the dining room and kitchen, you can access the backyard and patio through these French doors:

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  • Lawndale is “Southeast of Eastwood” like the ‘trose is “East of River Oaks” or the Richmond Strip is “West of Uptown.” No need to abuse neighborhood boundaries, we’re not realtors here.

  • Cute, simple and modest updates. Assuming the electrical and plumbing were updated as well (the listing doesn’t say) and everything was properly permitted, it’s probably a fair price. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom in only 1200 square feet seems a bit cramped, though.

  • Seems quite pricey for that area although Mason Park is nice. Well during the daylight it is…

  • This neighborhood and section of the East End has a good future and it’s nice to see someone fix one of these 40s home up. The price is a bit shocking though and the interior is underwhelming. Non-flippers can take their time with more period touches.

  • Mason Park is walkable, day or night.

  • “Mason Park is walkable, day or night.”

    Well, walkable during the day, more like running at night….

  • You people making snide remarks about Mason Park…lemme guess, you don’t live near there.

  • @dana-x they probably don’t. I remember when I told my realtor where I was looking, he was skeptical of my choice, but my grandmother had lived in the east end forever, so I was pretty comfortable with the idea.

    As humans we’re always afraid of the unknown, and it appears that some are trying to rationalize their fear of the unknown with others.

  • We have lived a few houses down from this property for nearly seven years and our young blonde children play in our front yard daily….sometimes even after dark (gasp)! They didn’t even realize they were earning street cred.

  • The obnoxiously loud cars speeding down the streets and the occasional bass heavy systems playing tejano or old screw tapes add to the wonderful ambiance.