A Tiny Updated House on a Big Lot in Shepherd Forest, for $260K



Bright landscaping has perked up the front of an updated 1955 Shepherd Forest property, earning the property Yard of the Month status in its section of the tight-knit neighborhood, located north of the North Loop and stretching east from T.C. Jester. The home sprouted on MLS yesterday with an asking price of $260,000. Views of the bloomage from inside the home are well-shaded, though:



The home is a cozy and efficient 795 sq. ft., so the large windows might really expand the feeling of space. A 2012 overhaul replaced the electrical, plumbing, air, and heating systems, installed wooden flooring in the living room, and poured a new driveway. But pleated shades bar the picture-window views to front (above) and back:


As shown in this view from the dining area, the back yard unfolds to the north and abuts a utility easement.  The home’s lot is 7,168 sq. ft.



Curtain panels drawn to the sides a bit give the kitchen window the least obstructed vista:


There’s 1 bathroom; it shares space with the home’s laundry facilities.


Both of the bedrooms measure 10 ft. by 10 ft. This one’s view is also over the top or under the folds:




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  • So did someone forget to order a cabinet or did the counter top guys screw up?

  • Psst – for the GOOF area that lot isn’t a “big” lot, its more a stndard one. And JB3 I agree.. that counter sticking out bugs the crap out of me. Makes the drawer under it useless.. and in such a small space you need your storage!

  • did an Orka whale die in their backyard?

  • Powerlines in back sizzle, trains toot, 610 roars. But it is zoned to Garden Oaks Elementary and may be the only move in ready single family home in the area that might be purchased for under $300k. Bidding war, start . . . now!

  • That Yard of the Month award is from April 2013 – the landscaping isn’t quite so colorful at the moment. Sweet little house – with a garage you can actually put a (small) car in. You cannot hear 610. The easement in the back means plenty of privacy. I know – I live down the street.

  • This is a great example of a ranch rehab in the outstanding community of Shepherd Forest – a true hidden gem. Backing up the easement has a huge advantage – no backyard neighbors and lots of privacy.

  • Twenty years ago (if this place was on the market then) it could have probably been snatched up for less than $80K. what a difference a couple of decades makes…

  • Shepherd Forest also stretches west from TC Jester – don’t forget SF section 3!

  • “But it is zoned to Garden Oaks Elementary”
    is that supposed to be a good thing?

  • Once my cousin played a trick on his mom by fabricating a false yard of the month letter and yard sign. She proudly displayed it for a month or two, waiting for someone to contact her about passing it on to the next winner…before he finally broke down and told her it was a prank.

  • Diggity asks if being zoned to Garden Oaks Elementary is a good thing. I’d call 615 applicants for 70 available spots at the school last year a “yes.”