A Whitewashed Reeves Antiques Building Bears Its New Name Tag

Last Wednesday, a new paintjob completely erased the blue and gold artwork on Reeve’s Antiques’ Taft-St. side. The whitewashing, Reeves owner Matt Reeves tells Swamplot, has created a blank canvas upon which a rotating series of new murals will appear over the next few months before a final, more permanent work takes their place.

He didn’t comment on the flying fish now levitating above it all:


On the 2-story, corner portion of the building, shown at top, a few extra brushstrokes register the business’s recent name tweak; it’s now called Reeves Design + Art, a moniker meant to make clear that there’s more than just old stuff inside.

Photos: Kathryn Way (new); Elmer M. (old)

And Aerial Fish

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  • Does anyone know if they are legally allowed to block those on-street parking spots?

    Seems like whenever I drive by during biz hours there are chairs and all sorts of stuff out there.

  • Good move, Reeves!

  • @Wil I used to be an assistant manager at Pinot’s Palette across the street and would get so frustrated all the time because they don’t own those parking spots and block them with those chairs everyday which could be a spot for a guest of Pinot’s or a customer for another retail shop in the area. There were a few times that guests would park there anyway and they would come out and harass our guests. Awful.

  • Just like any number of restaurants that cone street parking spots for their “valet parking” get out move them and park there or just move them with your bumper (treat them as trash). If they give you a beef tell them to call the cops……

  • Oh, and painting the curb stones red…..city violation.

  • that place is fun to browse but the owner/employees are pretty lame. they put little stickers on things with little code letters instead of putting the prices so you have to ask them every time you want to know how much something is. and you definitely want to ask because some of the things are reasonably priced and others are super expensive.