After the Arsons: A Photo Tour of the Heights Fires

Now that a suspect for at least one of the recent Heights-area arsons is in custody, blogger Fred Eats Houston feels a bit more comfortable sharing his photos of some local burn victims.

There have been 18 “suspicious” fires in the Heights area since mid-August. Here are 2 views of a playhouse on Ashland St., part of one of the first structures to burn:


This empty lot in the 1000 Block of Ashland once held a home. All that is left is the footwalk:

In the back of that photo, the duplex, which later was also set ablaze:

Next up: Another duplex, at 503 W. 11th St. burned on September 14th. Views before and after demolition:

My wife and children and I began looking around our street and the neighboring streets noticing each and every empty or deteriorating structure. We found asking ourselves, “Could that one be next? Or that one?” Our clearing in the woods was shrinking around us.

Then one day it was gone. The house at 807 Twelfth Street burnt. That house is two doors down.

The fire had hit home.

The kids talked about it all the time. My wife and I were on edge. I found myself literally sleeping with one eye open. Getting up to check the yard every time the dog barked. I believe I even began imagining noises out of a heightened sense of dreadful anticipation.

The 12th St. house is the only one linked so far to the suspect in custody:

The last fire took place just a week ago, at this fixer-upper for sale at 1240 W. 23rd St. in Shady Acres:

Photos: Fred Eats Houston

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