All Remnants of Mr. Santos Fashion Design Have Now Been Removed from the Corner of Westheimer and Kingston

The knockdown of Mr. Santos Fashion Design‘s single-story structure at 2150 Westheimer is complete — as is that of a few trees that shaded it. Before the dress design and tailor business relocated last year to a house on Welch St. — a block south of San Felipe — it had been on the less-than-a-quarter-acre corner in Glendower Court for 34 years. (Its former dwelling is pictured above adjacent to construction fencing put up by the neighboring St. Anne Parish — a church-and-school complex that expanded its parking lot 2 years ago in place of a house demolished behind Mr. Santos’s structure in 2013.)

The new owner of the dress shop’s former lot: Franco Valobra of Valobra Master Jewelers, the rock shop located 2 miles to the west in the northern portion of the Highland Village Shopping Center. An entity connected to Valobra bought the Mr. Santos building last year, a few months after the proprietor took off from it.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

Valobra Master Jewelers