Mr. Santos Is Still Open for Alterations and New Dress Construction, but There’s a New Parking Lot Next Door

Mr. Santos Fashion Designs, 2150 Westheimer Rd., Glendower Court, Houston

Mr. Santos Fashion Designs, 2150 Westheimer Rd., Glendower Court, HoustonConstruction on the lot behind the Mr. Santos Fashion Design HQ on Westheimer Rd. at Kingston doesn’t mean Mr. Santos is closing up shop. It just means that his neighbor, the St. Anne Parish, is adding onto its parking lot along Kingston Dr. The dress designer and tailor, who’s operated out of the former house at 2150 Westheimer Rd. just west of Shepherd for a mere 32 years, tells Swamplot his shop, which specializes in wedding dresses, isn’t going anywhere.


The building at 2525 Kingston, which belonged to the parish, was torn down in 2013. The new parking lot will connect to 2 others at the complex, which includes the St. Anne Catholic Church and the St. Anne Catholic School, and have access from Westheimer and Kingston.

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The Cars of St. Anne’s

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  • Can we get a map of this?

  • It’s directly opposite where the north end of Greenbriar makes a T at Westheimer.

  • I think it’s interesting to watch St Anne’s grow into more space. Ever since the demise of the Cafe Adobe parking lot across from them they’ve become even more starved (and maybe the rent-a-cops, too). They’ve recently demo’d other structures (such as on Fairview) but cannot really plop parking in there so easily. Funny, too, that St Anne’s property spans 2 zip codes (just Google 77098): their mailing address is 77098, which I guess is in that little loop, yet all facilities are in 77019.
    But, well, that the Vatican is investing in STHS right now I guess that would explain the slowdown for development at other area (Catholic) schools? But it’s good to see St Anne’s getting more parking, finally, and without the treachery of crossing Westheimer (at *ANY* time of day, *ANY* day of the week).

  • Long time customer of Mr. Santos. All the construction on Shepherd and Westheimer has had a major negative impact on his business. It would be a shame to lose him as he is one of the few around who really is a tailor – he can design and construct clothing from scratch as well as alter things beautifully. Hopefully all will settle down in this corridor soon.

  • Stay put and stay sassy for another 32 years, Mr. Santos!