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The knockdown of Mr. Santos Fashion Design‘s single-story structure at 2150 Westheimer is complete — as is that of a few trees that shaded it. Before the dress design and tailor business relocated last year to a house on Welch St. — a block south of San Felipe — it had been on the less-than-a-quarter-acre corner in Glendower Court for 34 years. (Its former dwelling is pictured above adjacent to construction fencing put up by the neighboring St. Anne Parish — a church-and-school complex that expanded its parking lot 2 years ago in place of a house demolished behind Mr. Santos’s structure in 2013.)

The new owner of the dress shop’s former lot: Franco Valobra of Valobra Master Jewelers, the rock shop located 2 miles to the west in the northern portion of the Highland Village Shopping Center. An entity connected to Valobra bought the Mr. Santos building last year, a few months after the proprietor took off from it.

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Valobra Master Jewelers
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To take a dip in the atrium pool of a sleek Glendower Court home in Upper Kirby, you’ll need to head up a level. It’s a second floor feature of the 2006 contemporary by Steve Howard Designs. Located east of Westgate and north of Fairview, the April Fools Day listing has a no-joke $4.3 million asking price.


Pooling Resources
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Mr. Santos Fashion Designs, 2150 Westheimer Rd., Glendower Court, Houston

Mr. Santos Fashion Designs, 2150 Westheimer Rd., Glendower Court, HoustonConstruction on the lot behind the Mr. Santos Fashion Design HQ on Westheimer Rd. at Kingston doesn’t mean Mr. Santos is closing up shop. It just means that his neighbor, the St. Anne Parish, is adding onto its parking lot along Kingston Dr. The dress designer and tailor, who’s operated out of the former house at 2150 Westheimer Rd. just west of Shepherd for a mere 32 years, tells Swamplot his shop, which specializes in wedding dresses, isn’t going anywhere.


The Cars of St. Anne’s
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Neighborhood Guessing Game 5: Kitchen

There were some terrific responses to our Neighborhood Guessing Game this week. Nobody was able to name the exact neighborhood of our mystery home . . . but we do have a winner!

This week’s guesses didn’t pile onto a few favorite neighborhoods, but they were somewhat concentrated. Four of you guessed the Galleria or areas to the east or west; three guessed West U. There were two votes for Rice Military or WOW near the roundabout; one for River Oaks and one for east River Oaks — “more of the Upper Kirby District almost.” Woodlake, Tanglewood, Montrose, Raintree Place, Wilchester, Crestwood, Med Center-Inner Braeswood, “one of the older neighborhoods north of Rice,” and Westhaven Estates got one guess each.

And the winner of this week’s contest is . . . the altogether-too-modest K, who declares herself to be “terrible at these” — before nailing it with her observations:

Definitely an 80s home; no getting around that. The tacky tile on the floor in the study, the basketweave brickwork on the kitchen floor, the gaudy master bath, the white tile on the kitchen island — they all scream 80s.

That said, the place is huge and at least somewhat updated. I’m also guessing that it’s on three levels, but it looks River Oaks — not West U. The coffered ceiling in the living room and the tray ceiling in the dining rome are very River Oaks touches, as are most of the furnishings (the Oriental rugs, the overstated antiques, the vases and artwork, etc.).

I’m definitely going with River Oaks here, the old 019. But since it’s newer, I’m going with an area further to the east of the older, more established homes by the country club, more of the Upper Kirby district almost.

That last paragraph serves as a pretty good set of directions to Glendower Court, which is the actual subdivision of this week’s home.

An honorable mention goes to Joni Webb, for deducing that “it’s got atriums.” She and K are both bloggers!

After the jump: Those atriums! And more details on our Glendower Court . . . townhouse. Plus . . . it’s gone!