A Glendower Court Contemporary With High Water Hopes To Make a $4.3 Million Splash



To take a dip in the atrium pool of a sleek Glendower Court home in Upper Kirby, you’ll need to head up a level. It’s a second floor feature of the 2006 contemporary by Steve Howard Designs. Located east of Westgate and north of Fairview, the April Fools Day listing has a no-joke $4.3 million asking price.



At 5,521 sq. ft., the home has a lot-filler of a floor plan. The (gated) courtyard entry comes with a sidecar splash zone approach (above). Also facing the street is the garage, a 3-car front loader.


At ground level, there’s an all-in-one room to gather . . .


and a section of wall with nooks and crannies. The back space with an alcove by the window converts — with the help of some sort of retractable divider — into one of the 2 secondary bedrooms:


The other bedroom has a more permanent setup. Both sleeping spaces have access to a sliver of yard:


Upstairs, the landing encounters a full-height view of (and doors to) the atrium poolscape:


Its water wall whooshes near the 5,000-sq.-ft. lot’s property line on the east side. More full-height windows ring the outdoor space, giving through-views to the combo living-dining area:



The room’s other picture windows have a southern exposure:


The galley kitchen tucks its sink and appliances into an island . . .


with bar-height seating and a wall of storage behind barely visible doors:


A glass wall looking across the poolscape toward the equally exposed living room gives a mega-screen feeling to the master suite:




The home has another full bathroom and 2 half-baths:


Meanwhile, on a third-floor corner, there’s a wet bar serving a rooftop terrace . . .


with panoramic views south . . .


and west:


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  • ROFL at the asking price!!!
    Oh, oh, oh, my sides hurt…

  • It’s a little too modern for me, but I still like it.

    I wish, though, that real estate photogs would cut it out with the over-saturated HDR look, and the fake dramatic skies. That first shot of the atriu pool looks especially fake, like one of those ceilings painted to look like a sky.

  • 4.3MM for a glorified townhome on a tiny lot?? Did the agent get mixed-up and post a listing from her Hong Kong portfolio?

  • LOL, I love the house but uhh 4.3 million? This isn’t NYC or LA. BYE

  • Actually, $4.3 mil is cheap compared to Hong Kong,LA,NYC or Europe. It’s a cool house. @ Mike: Yes. The HDR is a bit much.

  • It’s a nice house, and there’s a lot to like about it. But $4.3 million seems a little steep for the asking price, since it’s a townhome, on a small piece of land. HCAD has it appraised at $2mil this year. I know appraisals aren’t everything, but I think HCAD is closer to true market value than this realtor.
    Interesting sidenote: this property was once owned by Jesse Jones II. They tore his house down to build this one.

  • Not bad your $860k down payment, will get you under a $27k monthly mortgage.

  • My guess is that $4.3M breaks down into $500K for the land, $800K for the building, and $3M for the ZIP code.

  • @GoogleMaster, I think it breaks down to $1.3 mln for the land and the townhouse and $3.0 mln for We spent way too much building this thing and overpaid everyone involved and want to compare this to much larger homes in River Oaks on half acre lots. And we want to get what our fantasy land math demands.
    There’s going to be a lot of disappointment at the end of this story.

  • Padraig, 4.3M isn’t cheap period and Houston is a great city but its not in the same league as NYC, LA, or Hong Kong AND you can find nice houses lower then 4.3M in those places with a real view. This house is way overpriced!

  • That house is awesome. The price is ridiculous.