Amazon Has Begun Seeking Humble Fulfillment Near IAH

Amazon Fulfillment Center, 8120 Humble-Westfield Rd., Houston

Amazon Fulfillment Center, 8120 Humble-Westfield Rd., HoustonHumble-area news website HKA Texas has a few exterior pics of the new fulfillment center that opened last week at 8120 Humble-Westfield Dr. between Kenswick Dr. and Lee Rd. in Houston — a good mile west of the Humble city limits, according to the story, but good enough to rate a Humble address. The author of the story was restricted to exterior photos of the 250,000-sq.-ft. facility a couple miles northeast of Bush Intercontinental Airport, which is officially labeled a “sortation center” by Amazon. (The company typically reserves interior access to carefully controlled media visits such as the one described in this month’s profile of a Phoenix center in Wired magazine.)


Amazon Fulfillment Center, 8120 Humble-Westfield Rd., Houston currently offers same-day delivery in 12 cities; this new facility in Humble may allow it to expand that service to the Houston area.

Amazon Fulfillment Center, 8120 Humble-Westfield Rd., Houston

Photos: HKA Texas

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  • I wonder if they’ll turn on the AC or figure it’s just cheaper to keep a paramedic on duty and fire any employees who can’t deal (after they are treated, of course):

  • i really doubt amazon’s warehousing policies are all that different from the tons of other companies complying with the same state laws and OSHA restrictions. when serious heat waves hit up north their cooling systems aren’t always up to the task. whether they should’ve shut down or not is a separate question that that article doesn’t have the proper information to ascertain. a 102-degree heat index is certainly not uncommon for Houston area workers.
    but really, if you have an issue with amazon work policies then you should be questioning why amazon and everyone other compnay in this country is allowed to retain employees in the same manner as i can only assure you it gets much worse from there.

  • Looking to find a pt deliver jobs with amazon at the humble facility. Would anyone no what website I can apply for this position.