An Expansive Double Dutch in Pasadena

Custom in 1967, this barn-meets-barn Dutch-like home spreads across a lot of lot over in Pasadena. An early example of an upscale Kickerillo number, the listing’s interior finishes offer cavernous ceilings — some of them given an extra bit of zip by some vibrant plaid wallpaper (above) — and “built-ins galore,”  including a handy off-the-den pre-SodaStream soda fountain bar (at right). The super-sized property listed last month with an asking price of $379,210.


Other than a pair of ornamental crape myrtles in sculpted garden pods near the home, the front lot is all circular driveway and groomed lawn.

The light of the glass-and-tile entry hall (above) gives way to a darker, block-paneled study with (locked) gun case and what appears to be a bite out of the red carpet treatment (below):

The living and dining rooms at the front of the 6,428-sq.-ft. home are a couple steps below the foyer:

Midtone brick walls anchor each end of the family room, which has a high-hipped ceiling with exposed ribs. The 24-ft.-by-20-ft. room looks over the back yard through a large bay window on its flank.

Currently papered in Pennsylvania Dutch motif, the white-on-white kitchen has a gas oven and electric range. The prep area includes a small service window (above) into the adjacent breakfast room (below):

Also off the kitchen is this laundry-craft-sewing room, which has access to the yard and the home’s sneaky back staircase:

Meanwhile, the main staircase at the back of the foyer has a curving, antiqued iron grille railing:

All of the bedrooms — there are 5 or 6 of them — and many of bathrooms are upstairs. Here’s the florid master suite:

Over the 3-car garage, this game room sprawls beneath a shape-shifting ceiling:

Yardage? About 30,000 sq. ft. The back of the property, located one off the cul-de-sac turnaround, comes with shade:

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  • Though this house isn’t to my taste (a little too kitschy and the proportion of the house is weird — it looks like 2 houses fused together sideways), it does have many interesting features like that big curving staircase, many built-ins, the back staircase and a 2-story living room with a high hipped ceiling which I’ve never seen before.

  • I caught the estate sale at this house and was impressed by the size of the rooms and the quality of the finishes. The prior owner was a judge, I believe. The office room was his study. Who knew Kickerillo built in Pasadena? The house is near the up-and-coming Meadowcreek Village area. A real buy at that price!

  • What a time warp!

  • This house makes me think of my grandpa’s white driving moccasins with the tassels. In other words it makes me happy. Somebody needs to buy this place and put a Caddy in the garage.

  • Agree with all the comments already posted. The family room however looks as if it could be used as a church sanctuary, with the alter at the fireplace.

  • What amazes me is the size. Houses have gotten bigger. Building a 6,800 square foot house in 1967 was like building a 13,600 square foot house today. Pretty crazy.
    Not a bad price either – though it is in Pasadena.

  • I did a Bing Maps aerial view of the neighborhood. Is that a train car in the backyard of the house at the end of the cul-de-sac?

  • Bill, I thought the same thing re: church. Interesting but still, Pasadena.