An Uncertain Future for Janet Jackson’s Houston Nipple Armory

What’s so special about this forlorn and blue bungalow just west of the Westheimer Curve? It’s the now-former home of Taurian Body Piercing, the shop where — in late January 2004, Janet Jackson’s stylist purchased a now-famous breast-shield nipple ring. A few days later, near the end of the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in Reliant Stadium, Justin Timberlake gave the sunburst-shaped piece of Montrose nipple jewelry a good half-second of international media exposure; at least that part of Jackson’s wardrobe didn’t malfunction.

What’s happening to this former armory, having served its forces so well in the Culture Wars, five years on? Taurian recently moved to that Warehouse District tucked below I-10 Downtown — it’s now cohabitating with Epoch Tattoo at 1306 Nance, down the street from the Last Concert Cafe. And the bungalow?


A reader reports:

Several months ago, city inspectors posted a notice about the 1505 Westheimer building . . . For several days, the place has had a gigantic trailer of stuff out front, and apparently the lot is being cleaned up and cleared out. Does anyone know what the plans are for this great still-funky location? Please tell us it won’t be a teardown + 8 new character-less townhouses ….

Photos of 1505 Westheimer Rd.: Swamplot inbox

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  • So what is to become of this Cultural Gem on the Curve?

  • O yeah, culture.
    oooh breathtaking, Janet & Justin.

    I was there that night of the Big Superbowl Reveal – paying sweat-equity, working for Aramark, minimun wage, towards my high-schooler’s Band Boosters debt.
    It was a very fun environment – everybody happy – with guys throwing fifties at you for a beer and a dog and saying ‘keep the change.’
    But I missed the entire halftime show serving up that fine frozen-to-fried cuisine.