Attack of the Traffic-Sign Zombies

ATTACK OF THE TRAFFIC-SIGN ZOMBIES All-things-automotive blog Jalopnik takes uh, credit for the continuing wave of streetside zombie warnings gracing local newscasts nationwide, two-and-a-half years after the publication of their original how-to: “[There’s] no reason to demonize us here at Jalopnik. . . . The reason road signs are still being hacked is because hapless lowest-bid Department of Transportation contractors aren’t protecting their screens from zombified hordes with a simple Master-lock. And we’ll continue to spread that important message until they secure their damn signs — no matter how much the idiots at local news stations call us a ‘hacker website.’ They’re stupid enough to think that’s some kind of an insult. That said we still must remind you kids not to try this at home.” [Jalopnik; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Fox26 Viewer Amy