Downtown LOL Hacker: That Sign Looked Like Shit Before I Got to It

Denver Hopkins tells abc13 he’s the brilliant mastermind who spent 30 seconds at an open, unlocked keyboard attached to a downtown electronic construction sign over the weekend, changing the message from “Poop” to “;> LOL.” What harsh punishment will the Texas Dept. of Transportation seek to inflict on this sign hacker? He turned himself in this afternoon to the TxDOT offices at I-10 and Old Katy Rd. to find out. TxDOT spokeswoman Raquelle Lewis told Chronicle reporters yesterday that messing with the sign carries a fine of “up to $500.”

Video: abc13

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  • I think we should start a legal defense fund for our fellow swamplotter! :)

  • Great headline, FYI. Sometimes you are too clever!

  • OK, so there were two different people, then? One who changed it to read “POOP,” choosing to remain defiantly anonymous, and Denver Hopkins, who changed it from “POOP” to “:) LOL” and then “turned himself in” out of curiosity. I fear the Much Ado About Nothing threshold is getting very close.

  • Something tells me Denver was hungrier for his 15 minutes than TXDOT were to find him. Great prank still nonetheless.

  • There were three people. I’m one of them. With Denver, we changed the sign to : ) LOL from POOP early Sunday morning.

    He isn’t hungry for 15 min., so much as clearing the air about the box being “broken into” and “Hacked”. There was no lock on it when we found it. The keyboard was in plain view. The sign read POOP and we changed it. We don’t want our families to think we damaged, destroyed or defaced any property. It was harmless, non-destructive, non-offensive fun… Friendly Mischief.

    For everyone that smiled and/or laughed, glad you did, that was the point. For those out there who are not amused, we’ll try another way to make you laugh. Keep a watchful eye.

    Friendly Mischief – Share the Joy
    : ) LOL
    Guerilla Smiles – Pass ’em on.

  • To Mel

    – “I think we should start a legal defense fund for our fellow swamplotter! :)”

    Check out Friendly Mischief on Facebook. your idea is in action.

  • Only thing dumb, was turning yourself in. Now no more signs, forever, and likely a stupid fine.

  • Nice job, but you get a c- for creativity. This is more like it…

  • A for effort, D for creativity.

    Try this one instead!