Austin Rejection Artist and Bar Partners Opening Midtown Nightclub

Two-time The Bachelor star Brad Womack is planning to open a nightclub with his business partners in Midtown Houston, right across the street from the Metro Midtown apartments, at the corner of Bagby and McIlhenny. Womack’s twin brother Chad, brother Wes, and partner Jason Carrier — they call their company Carmack Concepts — own Sixth St. bars Chuggin’ Monkey, Dizzy Rooster, Molotov, and Dogwood in Austin. Their Houston bar, which they’ll call Dogwood Houston, will be a transformation of a small 1956 commercial building at 2403 Bagby St.


Brad Womack’s claim to tabloid fame was sealed in 2007, when in season 11 of the ABC show he stunned viewers by individually rejecting all 25 bachelorettes in the program, ending the show unencumbered. For that stellar marketing effort he was rewarded with a second chance as a season star early last year (this time with a stable of 30 women). He ended up proposing to single mom Emily Maynard in that show’s finale, but dumped her over the phone later that spring. (She’s now back to have her own go of it, on Season 8 of The Bachelorette.)

Of his 4 nightclub partners, Brad Womack is the only one who isn’t married with kids. But his Womack’s bachelor adventures weren’t Carmack’s first brush with reality TV. Earlier, both the Dizzy Rooster and Chuggin’ Monkey were featured on MTV’s Real World: Austin.

Photos and images posted to Dogwood Houston’s Facebook page show how Carmack plans to extend the back of the building to form a gated, partly open-air lounge. An old carport facing McIlhenny St. showed up on this morning’s demo report; a patio with a rooftop deck overlooking it is planned to go up in its place:

Images: Dogwood Houston

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  • I guess PostEdge is no more then. Anyone ever work with John there? Interesting character.

  • LOL, the pregnant gal posing in pic #1.

  • A good friend of mine will be the GM at Dogwood Houston. He is a great guy and runs a good operation. If it is anything like the one in Austin I expect big things.

  • Looks good. Wish this was going up at Dunlavy and Westheimer.

  • I feel sorry for the people in those apartments.

  • More douche in the hood.

  • Exactly markd,

    Another douche and tool congregating establishment. Prepare for hoards of Affliction and Ed Hardy wearing patrons descending on the “new” spot.

    Give me the older neighborhood bar any day. If I don’t know my bartender, I don’t drink there…

  • Northsider…I think she’s wearing a T-shirt that says, “I drank at Dogwood and all I got with this stupid fetus.”

  • Dana-X….I just sprayed my raspberry Smirnoff all over the computer screen!

  • Sick! and not in the “cool!” way either. Keep that crap on 6th street!

  • I always thought this abandoned building was a good spot for a new bar. Lot’s of construction and new things going up around Midtown!

  • -Seats reserved for “VIP” Patrons who buy $300 bottles of Sky Vodka-

  • If they don’t want to pay for overpriced bottle service, they can go stand in line over at Celtic or Pub Fiction. Good to see more nightlife opening up in Midtown.

  • That is one hideous bar….

  • Dana-X wins the Internet! My monitor is now awashed with Dr. Pepper thank you very much.

  • Not sure why I would feel sorry for those apartments. I don’t know the stats but I think it would be safe to say the majority of tenants are young professionals who enjoy nightlife. I think the concept looks good, and I applaud people for investment. I went to Shot Bar this past weekend for first time in years and I was impressed with them letting people dressed all different ways. I think this section of Midtown has kept a pretty good rep.

  • The entrance looks like a public restroom.

  • I am so excited about the dogwood opening up. Midtown is where all young professional adults live and Yes we do love the night life. The weekends are packed with people in midtown walking around bar to bar. It like a family in midtown. At every bar you have at least a hand full of good friends that you have met. Go dogwood. My boyfriend and I went to check it out the other day and its really neat. The construction is nice. This place reminds me of Sawyer pub. Hopefully it’s as fun as that place