Avalon Drug: Gone in 2 Weeks

Avalon Drug Store and Diner, 2417 and 2427 Westheimer Rd., Houston

No word yet about the diner next door, but the West U. Examiner reports that the Avalon Drug Store on Westheimer just east of Kirby will be calling it quits in 2 weeks:

Pharmacist Bill Morris, who has run the independent pharmacy for 36 years, said “a confluence of events” prompted his recent decision.

Morris is 67 years old — for one thing — and insurance “has made it harder” on independent pharmacy operations, which have low profit margins.

He also pointed to leasing rates that are rising due to the plethora of new construction in the Upper Kirby area.

Update: As owner Coy Ramsey notes in the comments, Avalon Diner is not going anywhere. More from the River Oaks Examiner and Houstonist.

Photo: Flickr user Houstonian [license]

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  • I used to live right behind this place. It was a nice place to stop by. The Chinese restaurant next door isn’t bad either.

    I’m wondering if it’s more than just the rents going up. Maybe the place is trying to edge the businesses out to sell the land?

  • This is a really historic place. I may have to go eat breakfast there one last time. Its old location was where many of the business elite of Houston used to meet for breakfast. It was perfectly situated along the route from their homes in River Oaks to their offices downtown. Where does these people meet up to make their plans to run the world now?

  • This is not too surprising, but a little sad. I’m sure many of us remember the older location on the NW corner of Westheimer and Kirby. Back in the 60s, I used to enjoy delicious southern-style breakfast in the ratty booths in the diner. Geez, I’m starting to sound my age. :)

  • Golf Courses?

    Martini Lunches?

  • “Where do these epeople”, not “Where does these people.” Occasionally my ability to communicate in grammatical English mysteriously departs…

    You’re probably right about the golf courses, which is too bad. There’s something kind of charming about the idea that the masters of Houston were hatching their plans at a drugstore lunch counter.

  • Kind of like the founders of Compaq scribbling a prototype schematic on a napkin at House of Pies on Kirby. That is cool stuff, IMHO.

  • Just a note to let you know that the “Diner” will continue to operate. The Avalon Diner has been separate from the drug store since before the move in 1993.