Beer Challenger Will Launch from Stealth Location

BEER CHALLENGER WILL LAUNCH FROM STEALTH LOCATION The launch crew reports it has been “keeping things quiet” while building a brew house and obtaining licenses: “Construction is under way on the Galactic Coast Brewing Co.’s brewery, which will be located in Galveston County where League City and Dickinson meet, just outside the city limits. John Ennis, Galactic Coast spokesman, says that location was chosen because it will allow the brewery to get Phase I of its plans up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. The location was chosen for its proximity to top attractions such as NASA and the Clear Lake-Kemah waterfront. ‘This is going to be a true beer odyssey and there is a reason we chose to launch our brewery just down the street from the home of U.S. manned space flight,’ he says.” [Houston Business Journal]

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  • THIS is what I wish they’d build on the old Wilshire Village site. They’d have to change the name to something like, “Slumlord Brewing Co.” or “Condemnation Ale House”. Maybe for Matt Mystery, it would be “FU Southampton Bitters, Ltd.”.

  • haha I’d go to Condemnation Ale House!
    on Sundays only.

    The Dickinson/League City ‘Beer Odyssey’ could give new meaning to “beer goggles” factoring in anti-gravity and all…

  • Fantastic news. Love me some good microbrews. I hope they survive. Needless to say, the odds are stacked against them.

  • You know this headline is misleading. I was expecting a story about 2520 Robinhood versus Hans Bier House. Maybe about how someone had heard about a secret plan by some of the more notorious of the homeowners to lease the garage at the bank across the street. And launch from there. Water balloons perhaps. Or missiles.

    It has been very quiet over there. Although I bet someone did well selling Hans Bier House a bunch of cameras that spin and whir and get closeups…