Behind Those Pink Walls in Ferndale

This week we’ve all been fascinated with walled compounds. This 4,119-sq.-ft. one on a 5,000-sq.-ft. lot at the corner of Ferndale and Kipling a couple blocks west of Kirby went on the market just last week. It’s the former home of longtime Houston real-estate agent Robin Elverson, designed in 1976 by Chicago modernist Irving Colburn. From the street, you can’t see much of anything inside. Now’s your chance to get a glance:


Once you’re past the tall brick walls, there’s no need to bother with . . . window treatments.

The 2-story home has 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and an elevator, all grouped around 2 interior patios. The seller is asking just under $1.5 million.

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  • What possessed the realtor to color one picture purple?

  • Wow, that is beautiful

  • Were they using to pool to dye Easter eggs?

  • Is that a wet bar in the 2nd bedroom?

  • Way cool.

  • I can do with out the bedrooms and the exterior, but how do I transport the living areas into my home?

  • Love the windows and saltillo tiled floors. Beautiful interiors. Great location.

  • It’s nice, if you’re into walled compounds.

  • Does it come with a midnight surprise visit by the Navy SEALS?!?!?

  • you can hope.
    leave the gate unlocked and a light on

  • you can hope.
    leave the gate unlocked and a light on…

  • oops. sorry. I got all excited there for a moment

  • I REALLY like this one!! Including the exterior walls. Wow. Now, how can I raise 1.5 mil?

  • I have a feeling this will have the same fate as the many really cool modern homes, which is people will ooh and aah and it will sit and sit, get purchased for lot value, and torn down for an awful stucco mansion. Owners think their cool modern homes get a premium for being so cool and so modern. Really, in Houston, they are worth their lot value because people are sheep and can’t own something that’s not like what everyone else has. Ask the owners of the Kamrath homes on Tiel way….or drive by them. Oh wait, they are now empty lots.

  • This home is worth far more than lot value. It has a powerful presence, and the interiors are timeless. I have lived across the street from the Elverson home for 30 years, the Kipling/Ferndale “hood” is a wonderful neighborhood with shops and galleries and good restaurants nearby. I predict that that this very original house house will sell at a very good price. Everyone loves this house, it will not be torn down.

  • Carol is right on the mark with her comments. This will sell for around $1.4 and will not be torn down.

  • I think Carol’s right… it’s a very good house in an excellent hood.

  • The Elverson house is a jewel and DEFINITELY not a teardown. It has “bones”, to be sure, and is timeless. It’s been kept in excellent condition and will be fabulous for another forty years!! I look forward to wonderful neighbors in this great neighborhood that will love this house….I do! And yes, Carol is right, we are sooo urban here, I love it!!

  • I, too, was a close neighbor.

    No way this gets destroyed. It’s a gem.

    That courtyard, though attractive, would get hotter than the hinges of hell – mostly faces west, hard surfaces everywhere…just stay in the pool, I guess…

    Beautiful interior. Will sell rapido.

  • I wish there were a little grass for my pup. And that I had a million + to spend on a house.

    All that light + all that privacy = yummy.

  • I think this house might survive because of the neighborhood. It’s like the one neighborhood in Houston where they tear down houses in order to build modern replacements. On Colquitt, for example, I only recall one non-modern house… And it was for sale, last I looked.

  • It works for me. Kind of a modern day Alamo compound. I actually like it. It has walls to keep the zombies out too.

  • No surprise. The Elverson house is under contract.

  • My parents live around the corner and I love this house. Now I do wonder what’s going to happen to Jas Gundry’s two unique places down the block? Those, I fear, are going to go for lot value only and will be replaced with something a lot less charming . . .

  • From the pictures, this house is beautiful. I wonder what the bathrooms & kitchen look like.