Behold the Golf-Side Gold and Faux in Bay Oaks

There’s a bit of a gold rush within this faux-from-the-get-go 1992 Georgian-style estate in the Clear Lake area’s Bay Oaks golf course community. Its fairway-and-lake locale lends the lot the appearance of even more extensive grounds. When the marble-floored home popped back up on the market a month ago, its new agency set an asking price of $1,545,000. That’s right about where it had landed midway through a previous listing’s slide from $1,799,000 (in May 2012) to $1,499,000 (in March 2013), when the polished up property took a bit of a breather.


The first floor’s open plan has a front-of-house dining room (beyond the staircase in the photo above) . . .

across the foyer from a paneled study with built-ins and a ceiling grid:

The spit-and-polished living area keeps its marbles but loses the foyer floor’s black-and-white domino effect:

The home’s second staircase shares a space off the kitchen with an informal dining area:

King Midas could feel right at home in the gold-topped master bedroom suite, located on the first floor. A matching sitting room (closer to the course) is pictured in the background of the photo below:

The master bathroom reverses the burnishing by gold-dusting the walls instead of the overhead:

Upstairs, there are 4 or 5 bedrooms, described in the listing as “very spacious,” but not shown in photos — except for this extra one tucked under the eaves:

The second floor’s bonus room with rosy ragged walls and retro R&R murals appears to be game for anything:

The Golden Age returns in the 7,616-sq.-ft.-home’s top level, where the in-home theater has risers for seating . . .

an aquarium at eye level in the room divider, and a little more gold pressed into the embossed ceiling tiles:

Honey-tipped porches and patios on the back of the home overlook the recreational possibilities on the 21,250-sq.-ft. lot and the golf course just beyond a short-rise fence:

This property last sold in 1999, for $737,700.

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  • It looks like Leona Helmsley’s southern hideaway has just been discovered…

  • I like the lot/the pool/deck/trees.The inside hideous. The decor is gag me with a spoon and get me a barf bag.The 1990’s called and that decade wants it’s dated decor back. Pronto!!!

  • I love that there’s actually a “FAUX-FINISHES” tag on Swamplot.

  • So. Much. Beige.

    With a paint job and new furniture, the interior could be quite nice. Outside is gorgeous.

  • Oh please. Everyone whines about beige on this website, but as soon as a color is put in place, it’s “OMG I can’t believe anyone could live with something so gaudy!” The moral of the story is that paint’s cheap.

  • I wonder how many golf balls end up in the pool each year?

  • @Sihaya: I agree that paint’s cheap – what’s not cheap is applying it to every surface in a 7,616 sq ft house.