Between the Walls Surrounding a Remodeled West Edgemont Mod



Long and lean, an updated and fortified 1945 property clings to the West Edgemont neighborhood’s retaining-wall border on the south bank of the below-grade Southwest Fwy. The Boulevard Oaks-area home had 9 owners in the past 30 years; since January, it’s been seeking number 10. The asking price remains $437,500.



An extended awning over the front entry ties into a wooden wall at the front property line. Within the 1,350 sq.-ft. home, natural light comes from clerestories by the door to the carport and storefront windows in the combo living-dining area running across the front:



The front entry is near the dining room:


HCAD records indicate updates in 2008, about the time the current owner took possession.



The home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.




Behind the front yard’s fencing, there’s a narrow, paver-lined patio:


Behind the back fence of the 2,432-sq.-ft. lot is a utility easement that lines the 59 freeway.


There’s an open house scheduled for this Sunday afternoon.

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  • This is really lovely. I hope the price is high enough and the lot small enough that no one knocks it down.

  • Oooh this is super! Well maintained, Heatolator fireplace fans, great kitchen re-do!
    There are a lot of cool furniture pieces – I wonder if the Skandinavian type light fixtures will stay?

  • I went to the open house, the one where the house was locked, no agent, no notice or explanation given….felt bad for the couple who drove from Katy. Great realtor action going on here…

  • Nine owners in 30 years. Is that a lot?

  • Cute little house, probably the smallest lot-buster I’ve ever seen. It was already option pending when the open house was held.

  • I think 9 owners is not a lot for a small starter home like this one.