Boulevard Oaks’s 4949 To Be 86’d by Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen’s Owner

4949 at 2132 Bissonnet St., Boulevard Oaks, Houston, 77005

Former Sunrise Grocery at 2132 Bissonnet St., Boulevard Oaks, Houston, 77005The land at the northeast corner of Shepherd Dr. and Bissonnet St. (not far down the street from closing-this-weekend Kay’s Lounge) has been sold to an entity using the La Porte corporate address of traditionally freeway-hugging Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen. The mid-1980s convenience store (formerly a Sunrise Grocery) and its 0.35 acre property were put on the market at the start of the summer; the sale closed a little over 2 weeks ago. Word through the NextDoor grapevine is that the building won’t be a Gringo’s, but might be replaced with a 3-story retail-office-space combo once the convenience store’s lease runs out around Halloween.


2132 Bissonnet St., Boulevard Oaks, Houston, 77005

Photos:  Barbie S. (top), Martha D. (2nd), Swamplot inbox (3rd)

2132 Bissonnet

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  • Sad days ahead. Where am I going to get my Cheetos Fire Popcorn. Seriously though, Archie and the guys running the place were fantastic. It was the local Cheers, where Archie knew everyone’s name.

    There is a lot of talk on the NextDoor board for the area about hopes that the downstairs retail be a small grocer. I hope that the buyers are engaging with Archie and at least entertaining the idea of bringing him back to run such a store. A cleaner, higher quality C-store would do really well here. Archie was already doing great with his Texas beer section, I think a small grocer, with an expanded wine and beer section would kill on that corner. No need for gas, etc.

    I am very interested in seeing what the COH parking requirements are for a new build and how that impacts the final space. Given the 1-2 stories of offices, even with the owners living around the corner, will need parking. Couple that with the requirements for the retail, it seems like a major driver of the design for the space.