No More Bourbon at Bourbon on Bagby on Bagby St.

NO MORE BOURBON AT BOURBON ON BAGBY ON BAGBY ST. Bourbon on Bagby, 2708 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006Midtown sports and whiskey bar Bourbon on Bagby is now closed at 2708 Bagby St., across from Ron’s Downtown Auto Service and the City Place Midtown apartment complex. The wooden building at the corner with Dennis St. previously housed OTC Bar; a former partner told HBJ back in 2014 that the latest incarnation of the space would be marketed heavily to “oil and gas guys.” A post to Bourbon on Bagby’s Facebook page last week confirmed that the bar is “closed as fuck.” [previously on Swamplot] Photo: Bourbon on Bagby

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  • heavily marketed towards O&G? Maybe they should have just marketed, since I never even heard of the place. and put some thought into the design elements, the patio says something completely different than the paintjob on the building says, and the interior seems to say something different still.
    sad to see an entrepreneur fail though, even though it doesn’t seem like there was a lot of thought in it, I’m sure the owner cared a lot about it.

  • With a parting comment like “We’re closed as fuck”, I’m shocked — SHOCKED — they didn’t make it.

  • Rank this one as one of those cursed locations…i.e. it sucks for what owners have been trying to do with it. Which previous incarnation was it that was so optimistic as to install car lifts to try to double their parking space, only to never open?

  • I am an “oil and gas guy” who works downtown and who sometimes hits a happy hour in Midtown – and this is the first I’ve ever heard of this place.