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  • Looks like the TARDIS loo needs to land here instead.

  • Because, really? Who doesn’t want all the charm of a Georgia truck stop bathroom in their very own home.

  • hmm.. “Has Potential”.. The whole back of the house looks like it fell off too..

  • Only in Brookshire is a broken shitter referred to as a unique feature.

  • Many times the toilets are used by the home shoppers! Even though the water’s turned off. It’s disgusting of course.

  • Nowhere did the agent say that the “unique features” were good. I think there are no words to describe this property.

  • And, if any bathroom could benefit from a faux paint job… it is this one.

  • “See for yourself…because I’m sure as hell not going there with you.”

  • For $16,900 I expect to see a chalk outline and blood stains in the living room! Anything less is a major disappointment.

  • “See for yourself.” Yep.

  • Is it a bathtub or bidet? It’s BOTH – just turn on the faucet! Now that’s a “unique feature.”

  • OK, OK – so the property is probably a tear-down. The agent probably should be more up-front about that, list is as lot-value only and focus more on the property itself.

    $16K asking price for over 1/3 of an acre for this area doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    Besides, the property is already under contract. Says they had multiple offers, so somebody must have seen value here.

  • The asking price is unreasonable if you have seen the surrounding area, and of course given the current state of the economy.