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  • Beautiful property (land), but the interior dead-animal theme is gag-worthy.

  • kinda funky – kinda cool – kinda looks like a Registration Hardware store or the haunted mansion ride at Disneyworld

  • Hard to pinpoint the blend of deliberate kitsch vintage and actual antique quality that went into this fixture– unique to say the least.

  • if no one else is gonna comment on the google earth “screenshot”, then i will.

  • Learn something new every day. Duck slough: where despondent drakes go to die.

  • spiteful: omg, that’s amazing. I joke about Realtors sometimes but this takes the cake. I get it that not everyone is a computer ‘expert’ but the things people do sometimes amazes me (like the daily occurrence of someone emailing me a pdf file that they printed then scanned, vs. just sending me the actual .pdf. Part of me dies every time that happens).
    How does something like that pass everyone that might be involved with the listing. Maybe a broker? An assistant? The owners?

  • There is no dead animal theme, Dan. -rolling eyes-