Build-It-Yourself Burgers for the Downtown Tunnel and Feeder Road Crowds

eT Craft Burgers & Beer, 19841 Northwest Fwy., Houston

eT Craft Burgers & Beer, 19841 Northwest Fwy., HoustonAlonti Catering has done so well with the build-your-own burger spot it’s been operating in the Downtown tunnels since 2010 that it’s taking the concept straight to a feeder-road strip center — a mere 21 miles away at the intersection of Hwy. 290 and ring road FM 1960. The new eT Craft Burgers & Beer taking the place of Kim Kim Vietnamese and Paragon Pools in the end slot at 19841 Northwest Fwy. is scheduled for an official opening this Thursday, and will feature interiors by Uchi designer Michael Hsu and the entrance to the nearby Starbucks drive-thru around back.


eT Craft Burgers & Beer, 19841 Northwest Fwy., Houston

The 800-sq.-ft. spot lodged in the basement under the JPMorganChase Tower at 600 Travis St. downtown, formerly known as eT Premium Grill, has taken on the shortened (and alcohol-free) name of eT Craft Burgers.

Photos: eT Craft Burgers & Beer


FM 1960 and Underground

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  • Never been, but looks nice. Is it something like a high-end Fudddrucker’s?

  • Is Michael Hsu the same dude that “designed” the interiors of Fish & the Knife?

  • Gisgo, eT is more like five guys and less like fudds. Basically, for the set price of $6.25, you get a cheeseburger with your choice of cheese. Then you get all the toppings you want for free, and not just lettuce and tomato and pickles, either. They have pickled jalapenos, roasted jalapenos, roasted red and green peppers, sauteed onions, mushrooms, bacon, avocado, sprouts, etc. A number of fancy spreads, too.

  • i actually like this place. the dipping sauce for the fries is good, and its cool they dont charge for whatever toppings you want. i was under the impression that they werent doing well, though, because they had cut their menu options from what they originally were offering, and the last few times i went the line wasnt as long as it was when i first discovered the place.

  • Love this place. Great concept, great burgers, great fries.

  • I work dt and I know of no such place in the tunnels. And i regularly explore them all. Is it hidden or something?

  • I stand corrected. I blanked on the Chase Tower. Didn’t snap to the name.

  • Hank,

    eT is located under Chase Tower by the Alonti, Maggiritas, Ninfas Express and Ottos.

    Currently, that section of tunnels is cut off from the main tract because of the Houston Club Building demolition. You can still get there, juts have to go top side and enter through Chase Tower.