Buying a Bridgeland

BUYING A BRIDGELAND The Caldwell Cos., possibly financed by Japan’s Sumitomo Corp., is in the process of buying all 11,400 acres of Bridgeland from bankrupt General Growth Properties for $90 to $95 million. “Caldwell notes the master-planned community will have the fourth-largest lake in Houston upon completion. The firm has spent three years moving more than 2 million [cubic] yards of dirt to create the body of water that’s large enough for boating and skiing, he says. The first part of the lake opened two weeks ago. . . . The master-planned community stretches between Katy-Hockley Road and Fry Road, south of U.S. Highway 290. The Grand Parkway will run right through the property. Construction on the roadway will begin in March 2010 with $180 million of federal stimulus money, according to The Grand Parkway Association.” [Houston Business Journal; previously in Swamplot]

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  • Good news,

    The Bridgelands development is a great example of how to develop the extra flat prairie in west Harris County.

    The use of the massive lakes is very effective as storing increased storm water runoff and mitigating floodplain fill.

  • oh now you’re just baiting people now kjb :)

  • HAHA!

    There are probably a lot of people that will likely take it especially with the anti-Grand Parkway types!

    I wasn’t lucky enough to be on the ground floor of the drainage design for this massive project, but I did have a chance to review and modify a part of their models when the developer wanted to adjust a piece of one of the lakes and canals.

    The modeling was pretty impressive undertaking and this project does represent one of the more unique engineered land development projects in the region.

  • And how exactly is beginning construction in March 2010 “shovel-ready?”

  • 7,800 per acre.
    call it 3 lots per acre with 30%ish set aside for lakes, parks, roads, easements yadda yadda….put some numbers in the calculator, carry the one….

    =$2,600 per lot with utilities and roads already in there. with opportunities for commercial, ect.

    looks like a giant 70% off sale to me.