No, the Wilshire Village Apartments Didn’t Catch on Fire Today

NO, THE WILSHIRE VILLAGE APARTMENTS DIDN’T CATCH ON FIRE TODAY But the much smaller West Alabama Place apartments catty-corner to them, at 1648 W. Alabama, did: “Officials said eight upstairs units were damaged either by fire, smoke or water. The fire appeared to be in the attic above the units.” No injuries have been reported. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]

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  • For all those who thought Wilshire Village was an eyesore, are you happy now?

  • Yes. I’m surprised it wasn’t the Wilshire, given now that everyone’s good and kicked out, what’s happened? The property sits DERELICT with gang tags covering entire walls on the Dunlavy side. Windows are broken out, and it’s obviously not the work of the crew disassembling the place. The ditches in front of the buildings are overgrown. The buildings may now actually house criminal activity and permit mischief to the surrounding residences.

    Dillick should be ashamed. But he’s not.