Cafe Adobe Has Called It Quits in the Marq’E Entertainment Center and Everywhere Else

A former employee of the chain says that September 30 was the staff’s last day at the restaurant in the Marq’E Entertainment Center, where its double-decker patio — pictured above — faces off from the Edwards Cinema movie theater (and its vertical water feature faces off from the shopping center’s plaza fountain).

All other Cafe Adobe locations have closed down as well; most recently, the one in terminal B of Bush Airport and the one across Hwy. 6 from Sugar Land‘s Market at Town Center shopping center — which featured this dramatic main entrance:


An older location off I-45 N. in Shenandoah switched over to rival Mexican chain Los Cucos about 8 years ago before undergoing some more cosmetic tweaks and reopening it as a Twin Peaks breastaurant in 2013.

Photos: Cafe Adobe (Marq’E Entertainment Center); Tom P. (Sugar Land location)

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  • That’s hard to believe because I really do love this great restaurant, Which is known for its good Mexican Food. I hope some good Mexican eatery will take over these 2 shuttered Cafe Adobe locations.

  • I can’t count how many times I have seen companies go out of business after expanding too much, in my opinion. I guess it is a classic example of the possible consequences of greed. In the end, this is what happens to many. Just like the Mattress Firm.

  • Cafe Adobe was never the same when the Westheimer location shut down. The food was okay but the all day gay Happy Hour on Monday’s sure liven up the place.

  • The Sugar Land Cafe Adobe had a great patio and good margaritas, but it’s been at least 10 years since their food was any good. When Lupe Tortilla built around the corner from them, I kind of forgot that Cafe Adobe existed.

  • I have fond memories of the Westheimer@Shepherd location not so much for the food, as for the tropical, somewhat novel ambience, with the outdoor seating having views of the quaint Spanish-Colonial-Style church across the street. That gave it a sort of “hey, I’m not in Houston” ambience. I forget, didn’t one of the original owners go on to open The Oasis on Lake Travis. That’s another place with “meh” food, but a nice view.

  • The quality had gone downhill for a while, even at the Westheimer location before they closed.

    I’m surprised they have lasted this long. Too many good options for Tex-Mex in Houston to settle for mediocre.

  • @Guido, I agree with you 100%… the original on Westheimer was a great place to go on weekends, Happy Hour, after work, etc. Not only did the view make you ‘forget’ you were in Houston, so did the Margaritas! On weekends, you would also hear the Church bells from across the street.
    I wonder how long it will be before the tenants across the street from the Church petition to stop the tolling of the bells?!

  • Sad thing when you’re invested, and find out the business has closed by looking online!