Calling Off the Idylwood Bedbug Invasion

CALLING OFF THE IDYLWOOD BEDBUG INVASION That great wave of bedbugs storming through the East End that Swamplot reported on last week? Probably didn’t happen, reports the neighborhood resident who first sounded the alarm. After a careful investigation that included the assistance of a local science teacher and microscope, Idylwood blogger Lauren H. now indicates that she believes the critters found in her living room were carpet beetles. “At least we don’t have blood sucking parasites. We just have little critters who love to eat fabric and wood and are equally hard to get rid of. I found the source of our problem today. It’s our maroon chair we inherited from Jason’s parents. They have been telling us to get rid of it for years.” [East End Escapades; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Lauren H.

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  • Watch out. Carpet beetles can be very destructive to clothing, especially wool. You kill them by exposure to freezing temperatures or to 150 degrees F. for several hours; practically speaking the best way to do that is put the likely affected clothes in your car on a sunny day.

  • “Listen to your parents!”

  • I was so invested in this story. I mean, the science was there. Such a disappointment.

  • Phew. Crisis averted.

  • If she can get it to the sofa on Waugh, I have an old coffee table in the garage that would pull it all together.

  • Ha. Thanks for the follow up.
    Marmer – thanks for the advice. I think they are one of Orkin’s “guaranteed pests,” so we have them lined up to come this next week.
    PYEWACKET2 – but the chair was sooo comfortable!
    Mel – I know, right? Should have been a scientist.
    Gucci Mane – I definitely sighed a sigh of relief.
    Hellsing – Awesome. Let’s do it.

  • Slightly used hotel furniture from NYC, cheap! For sale and or dumped on waugh..

  • Lauren H., now the only parasites you’ll find in your livingroom are the swamplot posters who venture over to your blog! Good luck getting rid of us! :-)

  • Anyone have advice re: silverfish?

    “slvrfish” please reply!

    My info is that you can’t bait them but must insure contact with the pesticide. Any book/object with them goes straight into the freezer, but, what to do about whole-house treatment?

    [and no, columnist Johnny Chuoke is little help]