Colquitt Corner Mini-Complex Sells

The building’s longtime owners handed it off last week to Fat Property, and the new landlord’s turned around and listed one of 10 units inside for lease already. Built in 1965, the structure grabs some frontage on Stanford St. — pictured above — but most of its exterior and adjacent parking lies to the north along Colquitt.


4202 Stanford

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  • Ah, thanks for the story. It’s getting harder and harder to offer 1 bed units for under $1k/month but we still have ’em. Not going to link to this listing (I think we have 1 unit open there from the previous owner) as it shouldn’t be hard to find.
    Luckily on some properties, the tax bill hasn’t gone up so much that keeping units under $1k/month is impossible. Taxes have by far been the biggest driver (for us) in having to raise rents. But we’ve kept our Montrose “all bills paid” studio units under $900 (and some as cheap as $800) — and those really haven’t changed price in years.
    I’m wondering how long some of these older buildings will last. It seems each time I drive around the area, one more is being knocked down (or *heavily* updated and re-rented at a much higher price)