Comment of the Day: A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Asking Price Go Down

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR MAKES THE ASKING PRICE GO DOWN “Who thinks $300,000 is completely unaffordable? Seriously? I won’t be dropping that on this unique piece of history, but that’s a remarkable price for that house. You’ll have to put in another $300,000 to make it livable, but in a city where West U bungalows with 2 bedrooms and one bath go for that much, or a simple 4/2.5 goes for a cool million, that folly is a steal. All it needs is a dedicated, kooky restorer/designer and a ninth fence! From that top platform, you can see enough to pretend you’re in another neighborhood, or even Admiral Boom himself!” [Meg, commenting on Wichita St. Mystery House Goes on the Market Today: Your First Peek Inside]

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  • are we really comparing lot values in West U and Riverside Terrace? :)

  • This isn’t just a lot though… It’s a lot with an odd and unique structure on it. And $300k doesn’t make for *much* of a house payments with todays silly low 30 year fixed rates.

    Get a roomate and even after taxes and insurance you’re at about $1000/each, while living in a place that’s pretty cool.