Comment of the Day: A Steamy Backward Glance to Meteor’s Pre-Shower Days

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A STEAMY BACKWARD GLANCE TO METEOR’S PRE-SHOWER DAYS Meteor, 2306 Genesee St, Montrose, Houston“Oh, the memories of 2306 Genesee St., circa the late 1970’s! When the space was Houston’s 3rd bath house . . . All sorts of debauchery took place within those walls. I, of course, will not divulge what happened there.” [Happy Go Lucky, commenting on Meteor Crashes to the Ground in East Montrose] Photo of 2306 Genesee St., prior to demolition: Meteor Lounge

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  • “Oh, That’s Nasty”


  • Nothing to be glorified about unsafe sex practices at places that around the country refused to close their doors at a time when it was clear that a lethal disease was being spread. This genre of venues continue to harbor those who would place themselves and others at risk for disease.

    There was a comment on here that since has been censored or deleted that said gross, but I second it.

  • Best. Comment. Ever.

  • Really turning basin? Show us who knew what in the late 1970s, as discussed in the highlighted comment, to justify your (and others) rancid remarks?

  • Is this why Meteor had the showers on stage… To pay homage to its past?

  • Thanks Diaspora. Gross AND rancid.

  • Dumbest comment ever.

  • Please, the resistance to shutting down sex clubs/bath houses in the early 80’s in the face of mounting evidence that what would be identified by HIV was being spread due to practices occurring there is well documented. I make no mention of what people knew in the late 70’s. The research article linked demonstrates that people who utilize these venues continue to practice unsafe sexual activities. There is no reason to glorify unsafe sexual practices regardless of sexual preference. Hetero sex clubs would be/are equally gross. You calling my comment rancid is telling.