Comment of the Day: A Suggested Tweak for Houston’s Off-Street Parking Ordinance

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A SUGGESTED TWEAK FOR HOUSTON’S OFF-STREET PARKING ORDINANCE “The wholesale appropriation of strip center parking spaces by restaurants et al. for valet parking is reprehensible [and] ought to be made illegal!” [Robert Mark Megna, commenting on Hooked on Valet: The Folks Scaring Away Your Strip Center Parking Spots; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Made illegal? Is that what we have become where anytime there is something we don’t like there should be a law to ban it or make it illegal?

  • kjb, don’t you know Americans can no longer think for themselves and the government needs to control our lives? got your chip yet? Seems to me if you don’t like the forced valet practice of some restaurants and bars, simply go elsewhere.

  • Maybe “making it illegal” is a little harsh. But the city requires shopping centers to provide a certain amount off-street parking. If that off-street parking gets turned into red-cone valet spaces, do those spaces really serve the same purpose? Should the centers get credit for providing parking if it’s really just coned off most of the time and forces large numbers of valet avoiders to park in surrounding neighborhoods anyway? Maybe valet spaces should count for less than a full space. The regulations are up for discussion now anyway.

  • Yes it should be made Illegal. All those illegal immigrants working for valet companies pocketing all that cash tax free. They all should be REGULATED IMO