North Post Oak Courtyard Mod: When Townhome Didn’t Mean Stairs

Tucked into the Memorial townhome ghetto in the upper left armpit of the West Loop and I-10, you’ll find this 1970 number designed by Preston Bolton. Bolton, who believed in tall ceilings way back when they were stuck in last place and nobody thought they had a chance, stuffed 3 courtyards into this 2,616-sq.-ft. single-story townhouse plan, and placed it on a street where everybody knew his name. The home went on the market last week, listed at $325,000. Interested in a brief tour?


Two bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-car garage. No mowing.

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  • Gorgeous!

  • Now that’s a kitchen window! What a fabulous townhome. But all of them in Lafayette Place are. I doubt this one will be on the market for very long. If I had $325,000 it would have already been sold.

  • It is butter? No, parquet.

  • I’m ready to move in, but not to pay approx $9K a year in property taxes.

  • Gawgeous. But how am I supposed to reach the top of those cabinets? Geez.

  • Hideous looking but nice open floor plan with lots of light and potential.

  • Gawgeous. But how am I supposed to reach the top of those cabinets? Geez.

    You stand on the countertops and hope you don’t lose your balance.

    There is probably a pantry with a kitchen stair as they were called. Sort of like a ladder but with wider/deeper steps so you don’t lose your balance. Unless you have vertigo. In which case you have the maid pull out the “once a year” things in the upper cabinets.

    And Gus, $325,000 is not really ghetto…

  • Love all those upper cabinets! And that looks like a huge double sink.

  • Mr Bolton is a great guy. I have worked for him on and off over the years and have learned very much from him. He loves those big widows and I don’t think he has ever designed a home with less than an eight foot door. He is a man of integrity and the man is to be admired and respected.
    Kevin Stewart/General Contractor

  • The dome above the dining area is a “10”. Love it love it love it. All it needs is a fabulous redone master bath with giant walk-in shower.

  • Yep, I missed an “N” on that one.
    Pardon me….

  • My parents lived in a fabulous townhome around the corner from this “shack” on Fontainbleu. Each place was a jewel and the neighbors were a “who’s who” of old Houston.