Comment of the Day: Acts of Preemptive California-ization in the Houston Suburbs

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ACTS OF PREEMPTIVE CALIFORNIA-IZATION IN THE HOUSTON SUBURBS Summit Oaks neighborhood with Houston street names, Denton, TX, 76210“Someone ought to do a subdivision in Katy/Fulshear and name the streets Crenshaw, Imperial, Valley View, etc. Would (i) be humorous and (ii) help keep the California transplants outside Beltway 8. Win-win.” [Purple City, commenting on The Denton Suburban Roadways Quietly Impersonating West Houston’s Iconic Streets] Photo of Houston street names in Denton, TX: Lauren Meyers

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  • That would be a better fit for the northern sections of the Grand Parkway. I feel like the Katy streets named after California ones would be in Spanish.

  • Pasadena should have been the one to initiate this given that their city is named after the SoCal city.

  • Cali transplant here. Why would I want to go outside the 8? Or the 610 loop for that matter? Those areas suck. The Montrose area feels as close to home as anything else I’ve found in Houston

  • @Cody We know you are from Cali since you insist on putting an indefinite article before the name of the highway.

  • @ Cody: I took Purple City’s remark to be an example of the general hostility of Texans to California transplants. That hostility made headlines during the Rick Perry’s administration—he was governor here but is now head of a federal department he once promised to abolish—when he was in the habit of describing any legislation he didn’t like (e.g., environmental legislation) as turning Texas into California, or some such.
    According to Texas Monthly, he’s thinking of retiring in California, and I can only wonder how Californians feel about that.

  • @Houstonreader That is not at all what happened. Texans have ALWAYS been hostile or at least jokingly so to Cali transplants. Same goes with Colorado (although they have achieved a critical mass of transplants in many areas so now they are quite welcoming) and well as several other states. If anything, Perry is guilty of luring MORE transplants to Texas. Also, don’t believe everything you read in Texas Monthly.

  • @Rex: Take a closer look at the transcript. I made no remark about the origins or development of Texan hostility toward Californians. Rather, I pointed to a recent instance of it that made headlines.

    And, although I didn’t offer up the TM article as fact, I appreciate the warning. Likewise, I’ll say to you: don’t believe everything Rick Perry’s press agent claims.