Comment of the Day: Bumper Crop

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BUMPER CROP “I wish acorns could be sold. I would be a filthy rich millionaire. Unbelievable how many my 2 oak trees produced and they keep falling. this past weekend, I filled my black trash can 4x to dump in the back. There are still a lot more.” [robin varner, commenting on Headlines: Mall of the Mainland Discount; Houston Raining Acorns]

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  • Acorn Bread

    2 cups acorn meal

    1/2 cup milk (or water)

    1 tbsp. baking powder

    2 cups wheat flour

    3 tbsp. butter or olive oil

    1 egg (optional)

    Optional Sweeteners: Add 1/3 cup honey or maple syrup or sugar, if available.
    Preparation: Combine all the above ingredients and pour into a loaf pan.
    Cook : Bake at 400ºF for 30 minutes or until done. Yields a moist bread with a sweet nutty flavor.

    Lots of different ways to prepare acorn meal. Just be sure to soak the acorns in water to get rid of the tannic acid.

  • Use them in some high-temperature composting, which will kill the seeds.

  • Feed them to pigs in Spain they’re used to fatten swine; Jamon de Iberico is quite pricey.. :)

  • My black lab ate a ton of acorns 3 years ago. Good lord the flatulence was horrendous. Had to leave her outside for about 36 hours. After that experience, I’m not sure I’m up to try acorn bread!

  • you could always do it to get back at your dog!

  • Just plant them. Somewhere. Not here.

  • The tannic acid is what makes dogs sick when they eat acorns. If you soak the acorns in water, the tannic acid leaches out.

  • My dog likes to eat them after a a good roasting in the bon fire – like popcorn or ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire.’

  • LMAO re: comment from SBV. Dog gas can take the paint off walls!

  • It’s called masting. Oak trees do it as a survival strategy. Good year = good acorn crop.

    And in Texas, we call them “ay-kerns.”

  • I am amazed at the acorns this year. They just keep falling and falling!!!!!!!!!! Calling all squirrels. Come to my house and eat them!