Comment of the Day: Destroy My Semi Trailer on N. Main St. Once, Shame On Me

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DESTROY MY SEMI TRAILER ON N. MAIN ST. ONCE, SHAME ON ME “I’d bet that the signage, 12′-9″, is probably literally correct, in that the distance from the road deck to the bottom of the bridge measures 12′-9″. However, that doesn’t mean that a truck that’s 12′-8″ high can pass through. More to the point: that doesn’t mean a truck that’s 12′-8″ high can exit the other end. Problem is that since there’s an up-slope on the exit of the underpass, the longer the truck, the higher the effective height as it climbs up the slope. [And] with respect to the alternate route, the northbound signage is terrible. It seems to indicate that the driver should turn left into a chain link fence. Where they actually should go looks like its one-way the other way. If this happens once, I understand blaming the driver. If it happens frequently, it’s probably the result of poor design and poor signage.” [Angostura, commenting on Latest Semi To Get Stuck in that N. Main Tunnel by Hardy Yards Gets Top Shredded Off, Too] Photo: TransitCtrActivity

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  • Agree; but the signage has to indicate the actual height since the sign cannot tell the distance between front and rear axles of under-passing automobiles. A 10′ long box-van with a 12′-8″ height might be able to clear it no problem. Ultimately it’s up to the driver… which kind’a stinks if the driver is unaware of the grading.

  • It is most certainly the driver’s fault… if you think signage is the problem then check out this video of trucks non-stop pounding into the same bridge over and over. A bridge with blinking lights, giant signs and tons of warning.

  • @Shane,

    Those trucks are hitting the bridge on the way in. The problem here is getting stuck on the way out.

  • Those trucks aren’t even close to 12’9″