Comment of the Day: Flipping Houses in the Age of Digital Scrutiny

COMMENT OF THE DAY: FLIPPING HOUSES IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL SCRUTINY 5623 Willow Walk Ln, Champion Forest, Houston, 77069” . . . You’ve got to fill two dumpsters with trash, rip out the carpet, probably all the sheet rock at this point (to get rid of the urine smell that is probably in there), bleach clean the studs, probably sand and refinish the wooden floors downstairs to address pet stains. The bathrooms could use an update. Still though, good profit at that price, but I’d say you’ve three to four months’ work to get it onto the market — plus however much it costs to get a hacker to remove all internet traces of this listing and the photos.” [MikeH, commenting on The Champion Forest House Ruined by Animal Excrement, and the Rhinestoned Real Estate Agent Who Really Wanted You To Buy It] Photo of 5623 Willow Walk Ln.: HAR

One Comment

  • Are Sellers or Realtors under obligation to tell of a properties’ sordid past – whether crack house, flop house or abandoned?
    (I believe they are required to disclose a murder on site, right?)