Eureka Heights Brewing Will Dive Into the Craft Beer Flood at the Edge of the Heights’ Dry Zone

Future Eureka Heights Brewing Company Warehouse at 941 W. 18th St., Shady Acres, Houston, 77008

Eureka Heights Brewing Company employees will get to work on beer as soon as they’re done “powerwashing the hell out of this warehouse” — that 22,000-sq.-ft. one formerly occupied by Jake’s Finer Foods on W. 18th St., half a block west of N. Durham Dr. (and even closer to the border of the Height’s historically (nominally) dry zone.) The brewery’s webpage also proudly touts its proximity to the trace of the Eureka Heights Fault, which crosses White Oak Bayou about where Ella Blvd. does (just a few blocks to the west of the newly leased space).

Other beer endeavors currently fermenting in and around the Greater Heights area include Platypus Brewpub (preparing to slip in behind the Tacodeli and upscale barbershop on their way to Washington Ave), Holler Brewing Company (planned for the Artists Alley section of the Sawyer Yards Development), Allen’s Landing Brewing Company (3540 Oak Forest Dr., a few blocks west of Petrol Station), and the seemingly-yet-unmoored Great Heights Brewing Company, which claims a numberless address on Heights Blvd. on its Facebook page.


As of October 2015 (according to the HBJ), Texas claimed some 117 craft breweries, up from 60 in 2011, as new laws around distribution have made it easier to start a beer operation from scratch — the Greater Houston Area is now home to more than 15 and counting.

Photo of 941 W. 18th St.: Cushman and Wakefield


Shady Acres at Fault

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  • I am gonna start a website and facebook page tomorrow about my dream brewery. Will it get added to the list?

  • Seems like a bit of an unfair diss to ignore the one actual and operating Heights brewery: Town-in-City at the five corners intersection (Cavalcade/20th/Main/Studewood).

  • Are you willing to make and sell beer, sign a lease, and do a lot of work to clean and refurbish a space that could have just been torn down for a seven story bungalow? If so, then yes.

  • There is also the brew pub that is going to replace the El Cantina. They recruited a very well respected brewer from Real Ale.