A Heights Jungle Holdout Hits the Market

You’ve probably never noticed it from the bike trail, but at the corner of Nicholson and 12th St. lies a tiny flat-roofed structure that’s been that way for decades. It’s pictured at top from its less-heavily-trafficked side, to the south. That’s where the various shrubbery gives way to a gravel walkway and you can sort of make out an address on the rock to the right of the pergola: 723 W. 12th St.

Step on through the double doors and here’s what greets you, for $750,000:


Houston artist Jeff Law bought the house — previously a grocery store — in 1997 and renovated it into his home, according to the Chronicle‘s David Kaplan. He sold the place in 2006 to a buyer with some creative juices of her own:

More nooks and crannies exist in the kitchen, where most of the storage space resides at knee-level:

Rest here before continuing to look around:

Branches protruding from the tree trunk in the master bath double as convenient towel hangers:

In the other bathroom, it’s more your run of the mill setup:

Don’t be fooled by these windows that look like doors . . . there’s no way out of here besides the way you came in:

Back out in the open, it’s only a short hike up to this loft:

Outside, a deck drops back to a few dried-up water features:

And the bamboo does a wrap-around, cozying up to the fencing that keeps it contained:

Beyond the Bamboo Shoots

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