Comment of the Day: Grading Restaurants on a Curve

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GRADING RESTAURANTS ON A CURVE “There’s been a long line of restaurants there, starting with Monterey House. Some of them were pretty good. It’s too close to the the street on a scary curve. I hate driving in that part of Shepherd, regardless of how good the food is.” [marmer, commenting on Sabetta Café: In and Out on South Shepherd in Less Than 5 Months Flat]

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  • If that curve is so treacherous, then you should surrender your drivers license immediately.

  • It’s not so much the curve, it’s the lane-wandering from surrounding cars that it engenders. There’s also enough traffic that sometimes it’s scary to slow down enough to turn. You can rest assured that after thirty years of living and driving in Houston that I am capable of negotiating that curve and have done so dozens if not hundreds of times. But it does give me the willies, as does pretty much all of Shepherd between Richmond and West Gray. One of the previous tenants was Crostini, I believe, where I had a few good meals.

  • I hate driving Shepherd between Memorial and 59. Entirely too much traffic, and yes, the idiots who can’t stay in their lane.