Comment of the Day: Houston Restaurants Need That Strip Center Magic

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOUSTON RESTAURANTS NEED THAT STRIP CENTER MAGIC “Good luck to Triniti, it will need it. Just watching locations across the city for many many years, I’ve determined that a restaurant has a huge chance of failure when it doesn’t have parking out front. Don’t know if Houstonians just want to see if someplace is crowded … but that’s why some places are snakebit.” [CJ Yeoman, commenting on Swamplot Street Sleuths: Whiff!]

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  • My personal reasons to avoid such places:
    A place seems unwelcoming if you have to park offsite and walk around a building. There’s also a psychological safety reason…. It seems safer to park with a street view and primary view from the restaurant vs. behind a seedy alley. And finally perhaps since vast majority of restaurants in Houston have front parking, the other places seem strange and quirky.

  • What’s wrong with strange and quirky, I ask? ;)

    Drove by Triniti’s new site today and the parking area behind it is quite large and definitely not what I would call “behind a seedy alley.” There’s already a nice sidewalk along Kipling leading from it and going around the building’s side; hope that’s enough encouragement for people to drive/park there.

  • One of the dumbest comments ever.