Comment of the Day: How Kids Can Help Make Way for More Alcohol Sales in and Around the Heights

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW KIDS CAN HELP MAKE WAY FOR MORE ALCOHOL SALES IN AND AROUND THE HEIGHTS “If HISD closes Hogg [Middle School] (it’s been identified as one of 66 struggling schools), that may open up some of the Studewood/ 11th area for liquor sales. How far do you need to be from a church to get an alcohol permit?” [Holster, commenting on The Rush to White Oak: Is the Corkscrew Next?]

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  • Hogg is a middle school, not an elementary.

  • What difference does it make if it is elem or middle? Regardless that is a stupid rule and reeks of nanny statism.

  • It is certaibnly a ludicrous rule, only in Texas etc etc.

    That being said I’m a little confused why HISD would have put Hogg on a list of middle schools with less than 750 pupils when there are over 800 pupils per their own stats. It is shrinking though so that may be the reason. In terms of closures I think they are going to be primarily looking for consolidation opportunities and I would be surprised if Hamilton is in any position to accept another 800 students.

  • Hogg is on the list because it is a “neighborhood flight” school. Nearly every family above a certain socioeconomic level sends their kids elsewhere, even if they live around the corner in Norhill or Woodland Heights. If someone could wave a magic wand and turn it into another Hamilton, or at least enforce a basic level of civility in the hallways, the issue would evaporate.

    Now if HISD were to open a Pin Oak-type “relief” middle school in the near northwest quadrant of the district, it would attract students zoned to currently unattractive middle schools and no doubt bring quite a few back into HISD from private schools for that all-important per-head money.

  • I looked at the HISD sheets for Hogg, Hamilton, and Lanier. Hogg had more suspensions last year than students, which, to me, implies some discipline issues. Hamilton was better, but not much. Lanier’s suspension count was a quarter of the other schools. My wife’s nephew goes to Hogg, and is happier there than he was at Gregory Lincoln, saying there are far fewer fights at Hogg.

  • Ross, the high suspension ratio at Hogg could also indicate a “no nonsense” policy by the administration in order to keep control of the student population. Admittedly, I have no idea what the situation is at any of the schools, but a strict discipline policy could cause high numbers, but a better behaved student body.