And a Corner Bakery on Every Corner

AND A CORNER BAKERY ON EVERY CORNER A new franchisee of Dallas’s Corner Bakery Cafe chain has bought the company’s 2 Houston restaurants — one in the Reliant Energy Plaza building Downtown and the other downstairs from Dowling Music in that double-decker strip mall facing the 59 feeder near Kirby. Next step for Fairview Capital Management Group: Open 19 new Corner Bakery locations in Houston over the next 8 years. Watch your endcaps: Franchisees in other cities are planning to add an additional 31 corner locations in Texas over the same period. [Business Wire; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Great! Just more Dallasy tackiness.

  • What’s tacky about Corner Bakery? I’ve eaten at a Dallas area location and found it comparable to Cafe Express, but with more of a focus on baked goods.

  • Just one more I’ll informed doofus who perpetuates the rivalry between Houston and Dallas. Newsflash Dan, you will be pleased to know that Houston beats Big D hands down in the tacky department.

  • Yeah, let’s all do our part to keep Houston ugly! We don’t want your fancy schmancy ooh-la-la Corner Bakery, Dallas!

  • @ Mel and Jack Dallas isn’t that great of place either in the looks department and it’s just as tacky as Houston is if not tackier you guys act like Dallas is perfect . . . And Jack its ill informed not “i’ll informed”.

  • John, Who said Dallas is perfect? I didn’t. But I forgive you for assuming, and making a Dal-ass-ite out of me.

  • Mel, I just assumed because you said that Houston was ugly as if Dallas isn’t ugly as well.

  • What a waste of time, reading the prior 7 comments.

  • All this comment thread lacks is a proclamation of “First!”

  • Such a waste of time, but not enough to keep you from adding your own careful insight, I see.

  • But what about the children?!?!?!? and the historical significance of whatever stripmall they move into. Merry Christmas Snarkists!

  • John. if all you have to feel superior is commenting on a typo, have a great day.

    And drive down I45 in Houston then drive I45/75 in Dallas, compare and eat your words.

  • Bill, it must not have been that great of waste of time for you to make a comment, it seems like your comment was the greatest waste of time considering that it added no actual in-site on the topic being discussed.. .And Jack I was not trying to feel superior I was just trying to help you with your vocabulary. Also I have driven down I45 in Houston and I45/75 in dallas and I don’t understand why it would be necessary for me to “eat my words”.

  • Hey Jack-

    Leave me out of this.

    the original Doofus

  • Speaking of eating… Wanna bet they open a White Oak location!