Comment of the Day: Installing the Sago Palm Home Security System

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INSTALLING THE SAGO PALM HOME SECURITY SYSTEM “But I guarantee that a burglar will bypass your house if you have the palms near windows. They do not want to get stuck anymore than you do. Granted, it will be more difficult to clean the windows, but I’ll take that any day.” [PYEWACKET2, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Against Law]

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  • Anything that conceals or makes a window harder to see is an invitation for burglary. Giving a concealed position near a window gives a criminal longer to operate.

  • Sago palms are deadly for dogs, so please don’t plant in yard with dogs.

  • @PYEWACKET2: It’s harder to aim your gun when the burglar is jumping around like Wyle E. Coyote.