Comment of the Day: Instigating Latitudinal Propriety in Houston’s Palette

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INSTIGATING LATITUDINAL PROPRIETY IN HOUSTON’S PALETTE Skyline” . . . Houston is a colorful town. The skies are usually blue. The live oaks stay green in the winter. Azaleas, wildflowers, oleanders and crepe myrtles color our city throughout the warm months. Our interior design should not be inspired by landscapes that are above the Arctic Circle. Houston is a dynamic, multicultural city. We do not have to snap into line with the latest design fad. We can do better. Please. Just try it. One time. That is all I am asking.” [Old School, commenting on An Early Peek at the Galleria’s New Saks 5th Avenue Space and the Restaurant Inside] Illustration: Lulu

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  • It’s a Saks.

  • exactly, it’s a saks. the interior design has to be targeted/intended with keeping an old demographic in a store for as long as possible to keep them happy and spending big $$$$. can’t do that with loud colors or any vibrancy. could perhaps nitpick here and there, but i think it looks fine, pleasant and is an overall nice design. the monochromatic palette also helps make colored clothing really pop in store.

  • If architects in this city designed with latitudinal purpose, then pergolas would be outlawed and all homes with patios would be both covered and screened.

    But they don’t.
    Because New York City.