09/08/16 10:30am

5400 Memorial Dr., Rice Military, Houston, 77007

5400 Memorial Dr., Rice Military, Houston, 77007The sides of the 1965 Memorial Towers highrise apartment complex are currently getting the blues as part of a period remodel, a reader reports. Serial multifamily fixer-upper The Barvin Group bought the property in May. The side of the complex pictured above (also shown pre-paint for comparison) faces west down Memorial Dr. toward the recently flattened former roost of Pollo Bravo (occupied before that by Hartz Chicken Buffet).  A rendering of the complex’s planned new look (including a throwback cursive replacement of the signage currently pointed at east-bound drivers) is on display in the lobby:


Rice Military Remake
06/22/16 11:00am

Hanover Montrose, 3400 Montrose Blvd., WAMM, Houston, 77006

Rendering of Proposed 30-Story Hanover Apartment Tower at 3400 Montrose, Montrose, HoustonThe eastern face of 3400 Montrose Blvd. appears to be losing color this week as the building’s mid-August opening looms ever closer. A reader sends the above over-the-Walgreens shot of the Skybar-replacing apartment tower (which now looks to have most of its balcony railings in place as well), capturing part of the building’s patch-by-patch transition this week from concrete gray to previous-rendering white.

And anyone jonesing for some up-in-the-air views following the closure of the Chase Tower Sky Lobby can get a half-strength fix from this shot of Downtown, taken by the tipster earlier this spring from a ledge on the building’s 28th floor:


Almost Showtime by Disco Kroger
02/16/16 9:15am

2930 Kenross St., Houston, 77043

Double or triple your fun with 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, and 3 bars in this Spring Shadows home.  Multiple covered patios and balconies surround the backyard pool, which is itself surrounded by an impressive collection of flora and faux-fauna. This 3,067 sq. ft. of vibrant colors and unique finishes was initially listed for $495,375 in December 2015. The price was dropped in January and again in February to the current asking of $399,999.

Bonus points: Can you spot all of the dinosaurs roaming the property?


Welcome to the Jungle
01/22/16 1:45pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INSTIGATING LATITUDINAL PROPRIETY IN HOUSTON’S PALETTE Skyline” . . . Houston is a colorful town. The skies are usually blue. The live oaks stay green in the winter. Azaleas, wildflowers, oleanders and crepe myrtles color our city throughout the warm months. Our interior design should not be inspired by landscapes that are above the Arctic Circle. Houston is a dynamic, multicultural city. We do not have to snap into line with the latest design fad. We can do better. Please. Just try it. One time. That is all I am asking.” [Old School, commenting on An Early Peek at the Galleria’s New Saks 5th Avenue Space and the Restaurant Inside] Illustration: Lulu

01/20/16 11:45am

3 Lacewing Pl., Grogan's Point, Woodlands, TX 77380

The wild Woodlands house whose every corner popped with color and faux-finish texture has been tamed. The property, which was relisted last week with stunningly neutral photos, hit the market again in June of last year at $1,650,000; the price has since been lowered 3 times, most recently to $1,275,000.

The house sold previously in 2009 for a smidge below 1.3 million, and sold again in 2014 for $1,215,000 after more than 3 years on and off the market, still dressed in technicolor. The old listings have been removed, though internet traces remain. Check out some before-and-after comparisons below:


Back to Basics
10/18/13 1:00pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE BRICK CANVAS “Does anyone have a strong opinion on painting brick? We have an old complex that’s brick. Normally, if it hasn’t been painted I don’t like to paint it. But this brick is different colors (style of brick I guess) on each of the 3 building and it’s pretty ugly. I’ve debated painting it but I’m not sure if I’ll regret it and, as a second concern, I suck at picking colors so I don’t know what I would paint it.” [Cody, commenting on An Old Home for New Art in Hyde Park] Illustration: Lulu

06/05/07 10:22am

2604 Yorktown Place Interiors

What’s your favorite color? Maybe a seafoam green? Looking for a townhouse?

This $439K unit has it all: The light, seafoam entry hall, the deep-green dining room, the aqua bedrooms. All in a gated, Galleria-area enclave, where you can enjoy your hue obsessions in private.

More pics, including the Laundry Room (guess what color?) after the jump.