New Listings: The Turquoise Townhouse

2604 Yorktown Place Interiors

What’s your favorite color? Maybe a seafoam green? Looking for a townhouse?

This $439K unit has it all: The light, seafoam entry hall, the deep-green dining room, the aqua bedrooms. All in a gated, Galleria-area enclave, where you can enjoy your hue obsessions in private.

More pics, including the Laundry Room (guess what color?) after the jump.


Don’t worry; the exterior is a quiet beige. Your neighbors will never discover your secret.

The Master Bath:

2604 Yorktown Place Master Bath

The Home Office:

2604 Yorktown Place Home Office

Yes, even the Laundry Room:

2604 Yorktown Laundry Room

And finally, the backyard retreat, where you can take a break from all the color intensity inside, and surround yourself with simpler . . . greenery.

2604 Yorktown Back Yard