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  • I would ask for a price reduction just to bring the kitchen to a point where I can look at it without burning my retinas.

  • Maybe they were color blind????

  • I love it! Although, I do think it would be too much on Mescaline.

  • That stove is gas. :)

  • I like it.

  • Why are the appliances still white?

  • Except for the orange and yellow paint, that looks *just* like my kitchen. Same green tile, same faucet fixture, same cabinet design. But my house was built in 1929 and this one says 1952. Whoever did this learned one trick in those 23 years though: they got fancy and figured out how to arrange the counter surface tiles diagonally, not parallel to the wall. Other than that, the similarity is shocking.

    But I think I’ll keep my cabinets painted white.

  • rsb320: Maybe that was the problem?

  • That’s a cool kitchen in a retro way. While I’d keep the aqua wall tiles, I’d want to refinish the cabinets to a shade that is less contrasting, though.

  • Electric colors?

    Also, there apparently was a much larger stove in that area if the “hole” is any indication. Would it have been a built in?

  • Holy Crap. It’s a 1950’s flashback.Don’t do any hallucinogens though. The image burn would be horrendous. I do like the aqua back splash tiles ,especially behind the stove. Have you ever tried to clean the rough surfaced tiles used today? Not easy. Anyway I see a price reduction on the horizon for this hacienda.

  • Looooove it. That’s a kitchen I’d spend some time in!

  • All that’s missing in that kitchen are Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa.

  • Darbymom:

    I’m guessing it cost too much to paint them a shade of purple.

  • And curtains with a carrot print on them.

  • Actually, that kitchen looks like the one my family had in my childhood home. But without the color scheme. Although my mom and dad went with the Harvest Gold/Avocado Green combo. (Damn, I am OLD!)

    I like the aqua tile, but to me, that orange and yellow just clash like the outfits of the preppies I went to high school with.

  • Pyewacket,

    The house I grew up in was built in the 50’s. We had a 36″ stove. It had pan storage on the side of the oven, as well as the grill tray on bottom. My mother always kept her bacon drippings jar in the large middle section, so it was handy, and didn’t make a mess on the counter. Also gave you room for the spoon rest without being too close to your big pots. Don’t see those 36″ stoves much anymore.

  • Wow, very brave combo. If I bought this I’d paint the cabinets a dark gray.

  • Looks cheery in a carribean islands sort of way. I don’t like tile (because grout is a PITA), but if this was a little bungalow on the coast, I’d rock that color scheme. Why live life in neutral tones?

  • I want to marry this kitchen instead of my fiance’.

  • this actually looks likea nice little house for the price. is it in a terrible neighborhood? (i haven’t heard particularly great things about the southwest part of houston, but i don’t know the particulars of the boundaries down there)

    also- the kitchen isn’t that bad; the upper cabinets just need to be painted the same orange as the lower ones.
    and maybe put in stainless appliances…