One Last Look from the Chase Tower Observation Deck, Now Closed to the Public

Sky Lobby, 600 Travis St., Downtown, Houston, 77002sky-lobbyYou’ve missed your last chance to catch a view like these from the Chase Tower at 600 Travis St., unless you’re there on business. Craig Hlavaty reports that Hines has permanently closed the downtown skyscraper’s 60th floor Sky Lobby to the public, just 3 years after that 2013 redo by Gensler, to cut down on tenant-bothering “extra non-business-related traffic” on the floor (which is also an elevator swapout zone.) Time to update that list.

Photos: Bill Barfield (top) and Russell Hancock (bottom) via Swamplot Flickr Pool

Grounded Downtown

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  • Boo!
    Are times so lean that a company can’t show off its greatness by allowing the public to partake of their rarified views? Is this the new normal?
    Who remembers Moody Plaza’s 23rd floor Galveston observation space?

  • I’m bummed that I never got to check it out.

  • Booo…. This was a place that I always took family and visitors to Houston to show them the layout of the city and give them some perspective on things. It really is [was] a ‘tourist attraction’ for Houston. Charge a few bucks to see it if the need money…

  • Hines , Ltd is really getting cheap.. I bet the liability insurance may be an issue. The Williams (Transco) Tower Observation floor @ The Galleria has the same layout / floor plan as the Chase Tower. Thank Goodness I took a 5 minutes + video @ the Chase Tower Observation Deck about a month ago. Saved that video to the cloud..

  • Is there an equivalent in another building in Houston?

  • Not one that high. I loved how you could look down on the tops of the other sky scrapers. I’m bummed that this is closed. It would have been a great place to take out of town guests; I just hadn’t had a chance to, yet. I’m glad I took my kids up there once though.

  • You can still go to a higher observation deck at the Wells Fargo Plaza if you dont look like a tourist. Just jump in the elevator in the basement and head up as high as you can. The deck is well past 50 floors. Just don’t try to go higher because those are offices.

  • meh, one less reason to go downtown is for the better

  • Boo.

    That’s were my wife and I first kissed, over 13 years ago. Houston just can’t handle traditions.

  • This is too bad. My grandfather had an office on the 60th floor, and I don’t recall his being especially bothered by harmless tourists having a peek out the window